Warum Weiss

‘The music serves to fuel the fire in the soul’, according to Ludwig van Beethoven. Indeed, the music aims to recover and resurrect, inspire and cure, like a last-chance pill, according to Warum Weiss.

Sergey aka Warum Weiss was born in Leningrad, USSR in 1984. His music devotion was cultivated by numerous classical concerts and piano lessons he attended in his boyhood days. However, the real passion did he get from the precise and rhythmic sounds of drums he could bear from the electronic music of the late 90’s.
Having started to create his own sound, Sergey published his first pumping house track in 2003 together with his friend Gabidan (as Atomohot project) to put his music career on a hold further on for 13 years.
After the long break, when he was just drafting random patterns of amateur sound, Sergey completed and publised his bigroom  track ‘Love Life’ as Atomohot, and two more tracks afterwards.
Having become a professional Dj in 2017, he adopted the nick-name Warum Weiss and shifted to playing house music (in particular,  tech-, deep- and progressive-), which influenced the sounding of his own music too.
Throughout his life, Warum Weiss maintained his embrace of massive bass and powerful sounding, aiming to transmit all the energy in his tracks and share it with the audience.