Stefano Bressan , Riccardo Arminio

Stefano Bressan, Born in Turin on March 30, 1992, at the age of 22, he entered the world of music production. Always fascinated by techno and Tech House music, has followed various evenings in the Torinese scene, becoming more and more passionate. With the complicity of his friend and producer Riccardo Arminio, has taken the road of production and mixing always aiming to improve and create festive situations in various contexts

Riccardo Arminio, Born on September 12, 1991, Son of Art of the Founder and guitarist of the Italian soft rock group Sintesi. Approaching the techno/Tech hose scene at a young age, between clubs in Turin and Ibizenchi, and developing over the years a strong interest in musical production. Various experiences such as DJs on the Torinese brought him to cultivate day by day the passion for music.