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We should not be separated by how tall we are, where we from, the tone of our skin or by whom we speak to in our thoughts. There should be one universal religion and that should be LOVE. Love for ourselves and for the person next to us. Let`s all spread love and happiness thorough music!
Catalin Nedelcu aka Shar-K,
Born in July 1982 in Bucharest, Romania.
Grew up in Disco Clubs and fell in love with Hip Hop and House music.
I have attended loads of underground parties in Bucharest and got into Deep House and in my late 20`s I`ve started to teach myself how to mix.
Traveled the world for 6 years on Cruise Ships and exchanged musical vibes with people from all over the globe and performed as a DJ in the Crew Disco Club and at pool parties.
Before becoming one of the resident DJ`s at Club 16 in Bucharest, I started by playing at private parties and had a few live sessions at Radio Deea (www.RadioDeea.ro), during Deea de Dimineata and Cinema Deea radio shows.
Played at signature parties by 16 Events, House Room, Dark'N'Trance, Minus - + Plus.
Currently performing as Resident DJ at House Hits Radio(U.S.) (www.HouseHitsRadio.com), Indigo FM (https://www.gofm.ro/), Old Bridge Radio (It) (www.OldBridgeradio.it), and Guest DJ on Data Transmission Radio (https://datatransmission.co/radio) , WJZD Radio Detroit (https://streema.com/radios/WJZD_RADIO)  ,  Impact FM Ro ( https://impactfm.ro/ ), GO FM ( https://www.gofm.ro/ ), Best FM ( https://www.bestfm.ro/ ), Orion FM ( http://orionfm.ro/ ). 
Also featured on podcasts as: SELECTRO (DanceFM Ro - https://www.dancefm.ro/ , House Radio Digital UK - https://www.houseradio.digital/ ), Sandy Records Label from Spain, TerrorMix Podcast from Mexico, RO.wonderground from Australia and Secvente Sonore by HORATIO.
My musical genres approached are: Nu Disco - Deep House– House – Tech House – Techno – Minimal - Hip Hop - Rap - R`n`B - Reggae & anything in between, as long as is funky and it has a soul!