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Patrick de Rijbel

Dj & Producer since 2000 has been refining his self-taught technique both in Djing and production, giving rise to fresh sessions aimed at all kinds of audiences who love good electronic music. Exclusive collaborator of the great parties and presentations of Xoomagazine at Hotel Urban Madrid GL, sessions comprised of the most innovative Acid Jazz, Beach House and House.

In 2010 they founded Sumatra Matinal Gandia, where he performed sessions Deep-House, Tech-House, Techno and Dark Progressive Hose, giving the public of Gandia one of the best morning sessions of that year

Among the various venues that have left their quality as DJs are After Cache, Euphoria Club Madrid, Shambala Lounge and Sunday Reset Tour 2014. Currently his career is directed exclusively to the production of Minimal Techno and Dark Progressiva House, having released several songs with great success.

In short, Patrick de Rijbel is a versatile DJ & Producer where both his music and his sessions converge from the most classic Electro Jazz to the most forceful Dark Techno sessions.