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Oscar Sanchez

This electronic music comes from afar, back in 2002 when he started buying vinyl, it was mythical asthe 8th. Question by Marco Carola and the Sun by Tomaz and Filteheadz. Since then I do not stopbuying new music and to play on his 2000 akiyama dishes, starting to play in pubs and clubs in histown, making himself known.Known and usual in the area of ​​the mountains of Toledo has played in theaters such as Family Club(Sublime Party), Dubay, Project, Sajoy and at festivals in the area such as Oasis Summer Festival,Conexion Fest, ElectroTech, Acabose Electronic, and from 2017 is the organizer and 50% of theAlways techno parties together with System Efe. Hajar cabin with names like Cristian Wunch, CristianVarela, Svreca, Pelacha, Elesbaan, Nuke, Cesar Almena, Substancia HD, Luis MF, Raul Parra, RollDann, Peg, Xpansul, Yoikol .........In 2017 he began to move into the world of production and in April 2018 he published his first draft onthe Slovenian label THR records, having some interesting future projects. He is part of Hugo Greenand Diego Lavida of RøH - Side Music.Their sessions are marked by a forceful techno but full of rhythm where they reflect their good tastewhen it comes to selecting music.