M.J.E - Let´s Play House Ep


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M.J.E was born in 1980 and find a passion for electronic dance music in the 90´s. In 1998 M.J.E released some tracks at the Gabberbox Collections with his friend at Stockholm Records ( Reclaim The Underground ). 

In 2014 M.J.E started his own label with his wife where he released some of his own releases, the label is called MJE-MUSIC and is also focused at making soundbanks, mixing and mastering. 

Now in 2020 M.J.E has been releasing tracks at labels like: Digital Empire VIP, Digital Empire Records, Musata Music, Less Is More Records and more. M.J.E &Michael Chodo also got to play at the Summer Sunrise Festival that was hosted by FRSH BR3ATH RCRDS in Spain in the same linup as Swacq, Sevenn, Futuristic Polar Bears, Harrison Music and more...

M.J.E got supported by: Djs From Mars, Jewelz &Sparks, Diego Miranda, Emre Cizmeci, ZROQ and more...