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Miguel Malaga

After going through various musical styles and learning from everyone, originally known as "Be Reborn", he went on to release an EP with the Jil Records label, and that's when he began to be known as "Miguel Málaga" . With this stage name, he came to work with several labels such as Jil Records, Ecstasy State and Black Turtle Records, being in several compilations of different record labels.

He managed to impregnate with his DNA, both his sessions and his creations, giving him that dynamism, but at the same time forceful, pure energy.

He got to have sessions completely produced by him, called "100% Miguel Malaga".
Always ready to help and listen to other artists, to take on new challenges that can help you grow as a person and an artist.

He is currently active in technoradio.es conducting a program called Misión Techno, a program where the protagonist is Techno music.

2020 is a year of living new experiences, starting to produce with two aka different with two styles further from what until now he had been doing. “Techwentle”, a hard and forceful techno, “Kong Bone”, with a more linear and darker music.