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Mao was born and grew up between Neiva and Pereira, Colombia. It is in the former one where his passion for electronic music was born with the arrival of trance music to Colombia at the end of the 90's. Industrial Engineer by profession, he moved to Madrid where he combined his profession with his passion for music.
He began his studies and career as a music producer in Madrid while taking his first steps as a DJ. His main genre per excellence is Techno. His unique style switches between the minimalistic and darker sides of the genre all the way to Peak-Time Techno and even Melodic techno and tech house.
His style is totally eclectic both in his productions and his sets, always looking for the balance between the rough and the subtle, he presents us with music full of energy, ambient brakedowns and explosive drops. 
He is the founder and resident DJ of the renowed "BEAT Party Madrid" concept which specializes in various sub-genres of Techno music and He is currently resident Dj at Itaca techno club and performs in different clubs in Spain and abroad.

United Sates-born Velvet Burns began her vocal career as an early teen, mimicking the sounds of the gothic metal bands that she adored. Her signature vocals has been described as haunting, both vocally and lyrically. After years of preforming with various bands, she began to produce. Although she is known for having a fluid musical style, she has consistently created music that plays with duality, forming a delicate bond between darkness and tenderness, warmth and despair. She is also a digital artist, and accompanies her music with her own story-tale visuals.

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