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Mala Conducta

Natives of Tecate Baja California, Mala Conducta are Alberto Talavera and Alonso Michel.
Adding more than 10 years in electronic music, it is a fusion of rhythms such as
Tech / House / Techno.
On the dance floor they couple the experimentation of knowledge, thus achieving this draft.
Alonso Michel, meanwhile his beginnings were in rock music playing the role of
drummer in a band called Monumento in early 2013 playing with various
well-known musicians among them Molotov, together with this project he develop a taste for rhythms and started producing and playing as a dj, really taking off in 2014 his passion for electronic music, and soon sharing the stage in different
cities with several dj’s both local and foreign, thus growing daily their love of music and his knowledge as a producer.
On the one hand Alberto Talavera started in electronic music with a project called
Redfish in 2010 with which he matured as a dj, in 2015 at the end of this
He started as a producer working in different areas such as movies, documentaries,
live sound as well as different genres of music. in 2015 when they met they began to collaborate as producers focusing more on the style of rap, hip hop and boom bap, it was until the beginning of 2018 that they couple their knowledge to give life to the project of Mala Conducta in 2019, with which soon they have come to play with several Dj’s like Louie Fresco, Pinto, Miguel Puente.