Music DJ Producer began his career in 2004 at the legendary "club Bossanova Bar" located in the Barranco city in Lima - Peru, your partys Saturday night it's very popular. Miltho Aguero managed to get his first residence in the exclusive club Portoleño located in the resort of Asia, the harmony, sensitive and aggressive of their mixes was gaining acceptance in the Peruvian dance floor, leading to migrate to different clubs, private parties and massive events, participating in many important festivals like "Inkontrol Luna fest, End of Summer, Homeland fest, and more". Milthon Aguero is considered among the best DJs & Producers of Peru.
His influences in electronic music began with House & Techno New York specifically for the legendary Danny Tenaglia, Steve Lawler & Victor Calderone, through the Spanish house and the great European musical variety, as he himself mentions " the music don't have limits "on the dance floor can surprise you with some strange musical style without breaking the atmosphere.

Getting started as a producer makes hand "Hands ups records" where he gets his first EP "the soul backuta" EP which was well received and was touched by many world class DJs.

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