Fine and elegant are the two words that best describe Leo Cerna's style.
In his already extensive career, Leo has earned the love and recognition of his audience, who really enjoy each of his live performances and studio recordings, where he demonstrates his quality that has matured over the years and has put it at the height of the best artists in the world, such as: Carlo Lío, Hector, MANDY, Popof among others.

Born in Trujillo, Perú, who since the age of 16 was training part of the warm-up, within his career and dedication to electronic music he had the opportunity to share stage with great artists like Leo Cerna, Luis León, Renzo Saba, Chinonegro and Nicolas Caprile.

Currently as Dj Producer leaning to the House his tracks belongs to record labels such as, Manicomio Music, Ishua Label, Funky Creatures and DubCulture

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