Klaud Wein

Klaud Wein At just 20 years old, he began his career in November 2015. Moving between the musical styles of electronic music, DeepTech, Techouse and Techno like Klaud Wein.
Resident in the Sala Cube Room (Avilés (2016-2017), he has passed through various clubs and discos, outside and within the Asturian province, Studio (Avilés), Miniteide (Avilés), La Fabrika (Gijón), Hypnosis Club (Gijón) ), BabysClub (Mieres), BoaLua (Galicia), Pantanazo (Trasona), Sweet 01 (Gijón), The Last Club (Gijón), The Jungle Dance Floor (Leon) among others.
He managed to win the 2016 Ebro Beat Festival Dj talent contest, thus making a place for himself in said festival.
Getting to share the bill with top DJs such as Spartaque, Christian Wunchs, Marco Bailey, Duart, Richi Risco, Horacio Cruz, Kaiserdisco, Hector Llamazares, PAWSA, David Herrero, David Mallada, among others ...
He currently resides at Miniteide Electronic Club in Avilés.