Ivan Casero

Iván Casero is the producer who had been sleeping inside of me for a long time, since the music has been with me since I was very young and it is in 2006 when I start making my foray into the world of production, but it will not be until 2011 after several contacts with professional producers when finally I fully enter to rehearse what it is to carry out an electronic project from start to finish. Little by little I have been characterized by an underground tech house sound that is expected to turn to darker sounds.The contact with music dates back to 1992 and I remember the Kike Boy theme called Meditation at a time when the Makkina sound became fashionable in Barcelona, and I also listened to the Thunderdome collections. Since then there was no week that did not listen to the program It's your time to catch up on the news. Over time, after a more progressive sound, I got to techno and hard techno being my references Cristian Varela and Oscar Mulero at the time of playing my sets, as well as continuing to listen to the ZONA 3 program on the radio. radio that have helped me define the style. It is the beginning of 2000 when I come into contact with house and I am currently in tech house, later