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J de la Fuente aka Dela, Madrileño, starts working as a deejay in places in Madrid in the year 91, at 17 years of age.
It is characterized by its elaborate technique and elegance in its sessions, always using three dishes in the mixtures or other more innovative methods to make its sets.
His sessions are supported by different musical styles such as House, progressive house, techno, remember ...
He has acted as deejay resident in various rooms of the capital such as Kea, Zentral, Presstto, La Cueva, and as a guest in many others such as Bachatta, Arena, Attica, Splass, Epsilon, etc.
A shared cabin and poster with the great djs of the national and international scene.
All this experience encouraged him to enter the production of his own creations and for a long time he was working hard to develop innovations, both technical and personal.
In mid-2008 he edited his first work with the name "Raices".
J. de la Fuente is the name he uses for his darkest and most selected references. Dj Dela is the pseudonym we will find in the rest of productions, such as progressive, tech, house, minimal..etc ...
His works have been published in different national and international labels, such as Tronic B7 Records, Groove Sense Records, Integrity Recordings ... and now with the national label White Island Recordings, with which he has published his latest productions.
In 2013 we could enjoy his music every Thursday in the Tresor Room, in Coslada, in the session called "Elektresor", putting the latest musical news. J de la Fuente is the aka he uses whenever his Sets are related to the most avant-garde trends.
Influence the Display Clubbing Experience sessions, in which he acts as a deejay of the collective and as a promoter of the brand.
He also attends various Remémber music events, with his usual nickname "Dj Dela", which always relies on the classic vinyl format for making such sets. We must also highlight in this section the events of Route 90, in which he is part as deejay and promoter of the firm. Ruta 90 is currently consolidated as one of the most powerful and innovative sessions in the remember movement. Another important session that takes place with Dj Suze is the so-called "Danzad Malditos", in which we can hear songs from the mid 80's to the early 90's.
He is currently a regular at the events of Eighty Rewind, held in the Specka Hall.
Between 2013 and 2016, we were able to listen to you every Tuesday from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. on your Ruta 90 radio show, on the Dance Vibes radio station, together with your classmates Dj Nanchu and Dj Diego.
Dj Dela is one of the most versatile artists of today. It is able to function perfectly in a wide variety of musical records.
For all this we must say that he is an artist of the most complete that we can find.