Carlo Nego , F.I.F.T.E.E.N


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Carlo Nego

Dj and producer born in Barcelona. His passion for music began as a child thanks to his father, who instilled his enthusiasm for the battery. He taught him many musical generes of the time like pop, rock, ballads, etc ... 

Later, in his adolescence, he began to be interested in other musical styles. Together with his friends he began to have an interest in electronic music, especially for House, Deep House, Techno and Tech House. It was at that moment that he adquired his first plates and his first mixing board. From that moment he enjoyed this hobby and little by little he was maturing musically and finding his own style. 

In 2008, thanks to his friend David Pacheco, he had the opportunity to participate in YOUNG PARTY NIGHT in Pacha Sitges, for a year. This event was his starting point to be able to continue growing in other events like Row14, Nick Havanna, Aloha ,City Hall (Happy Techno) etc ... 

To this day, Carlos continues to practice this art with the intention of making it his work. During these years, he has made his sets loaded with Deep House, Tech House and Techno, getting his own personal sound. To reach this, Carlos has been fed by DJs and producers like Pablo Luque, Carlo Lio, Technasia, Car Cox among many others. Among its qualities as dj, it emphasizes its facility in animating the public making them feel and vibrate with each mixture. 

He is currently finishing his Sound Technician studies at Sonopro, the first and only private school that offers musical or sound production training in Barcelona 


Joan aka F.I.F.T.E.E.N Dj and producer born in Barcelona in 1984. From a young age interested in music. His passion for electronic music begins when he discovers the group Kraftwerk from his childhood falls in love with electronic sound. His musical influences go through the House of Chicago and the Techno of the motor city of Detroit. Spending many years Dj and growing musically, he decided to show his passion for music with his role as producer. Currently focused on the production of tracks House, Deep-House, Progressive-House, Tech-House And Techno.